At dawn and dusk you come

by Twyxu

dawn part I 06:49
dusk part I 08:03
dusk part II 06:39
dawn part II 09:29


"At dawn and dusk you come" began as a series of improvisations recorded in a single day without anything premeditated and starting mainly from spontaneously generated sounds and not from pre-recorded samples.
During mixing nothing was removed or added, we worked only on duration of individual parts and volumes to leave intact the spontaneity of the material.

Laverna Netlabel (Lav61).


At dawn and dusk you come, for those that have devotion.
Riding on the rays of the rising and setting sun.


"This 7-track issue is an amazing listening thanks to its mystical peripheries of sublime noise plateaus, exuberant post-rock jitters and spaced-out incantations. Actually the album represents a huge periphery on its own. The more you listen to it the more you get involved in a vast picture of galaxy or outer space. Indeed, it seems to be no music anymore, it is rather a tremendous prayer or chant to call people back to their own roots. Despite its technical approach and premises the album chimes truly in an organic way like a swarm of bees or hornets frequently. [...] All in all, it is one of the best albums in 2014 so far. Fabulous."

Review on Recent Music Heroes



released June 30, 2014

Recorded on February 9, 2014.
Mixed and mastered by Twys during April 2014.

TWYXU is a duo composed of Omar Martani (Twys) and Nicola Fornasari (Xu).


all rights reserved



xu Cremona, Italy

Xu is the solo project of Nicola Fornasari. It combines elements of ambient, modern classical, minimalism, drone and field recordings.

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